Credit Score - Text Version

Credit made clearer

How to get a better credit score

When it comes to applying for credit, you should make sure that everything's fit and healthy.

- Hey nice headband.

Because if you want one of those,

Every lender will check your suitability by looking at these.

And it's these guys that calculate how much you can borrow.

And give you an overall score.

Credit scoring I mean. So have a look at these ways to make sure yours is totally buff!

First up, don't lie on your application. It's against the law.

Cancel any unused cards with the provider.

And space out any other applications - as applying all at once can look like you're desperate for credit.

Those eggheads - also look at your credit history.

And If yours isn't so good, you may need to find a way to make it better.

By getting any kind of credit, staying within your limit and not missing any payments you could build up a credit history from scratch, or improve one that's not so strong.

Getting a credit card is a good way to do this.